Sal Island in Cape Verde

Sal Island in Cape Verde

Sal (in the original name - Sal) is one of the southern, and in addition, and is at the same time quite flat of the currently available islands of Cape Verde. The highest place on this island is considered to be a beautiful mountain called Monte Grande (the height is 406 meters). Sal Island covers an area of ​​216 square kilometers. The island stretches from the north to the south for a distance of thirty kilometers, and from the west to the east for a distance of twelve kilometers.

This island is home to 15,000 people. As emphasized, the island of Sal got its beautiful name from the salt deposits located in one of the most beautiful craters of the "dormant" volcano.

This "sleeping" giant is located in a charming place called Pedra de Lume. Major cities located on this island are Santa Maria and Eshpargush.

It is important that near the fishermen's village called Palmeira, there is a properly equipped port in the bay. In addition, on this island there is an international airport terminal of the world famous TACB company. This airport has a well-organized transport network with many major European cities such as Lisbon, Manchester, Paris, London, Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam, Rome, Frankfurt, etc. Thanks to this fact, numerous tourists from all over Europe come to the island of Sal every year.

This island has become famous for its comfortable conditions for a great pastime and is able to satisfy the various wishes of even the most demanding vacationers. Here you can swim, and go surfing and windsurfing, scuba diving, as well as fishing. It is emphasized that Sal has one of the "driest" climates in the well-known Cape Verde archipelago. This island achieved its heyday back in 1939, when the first airport was built here.

In addition, the beach type of recreation is highly developed on the island of Sal. A large number of holidaymakers come to this island to see with their own eyes how large aquatic turtles emerge from the ocean waters and lay their eggs in the sand. July is a very good month for fishing enthusiasts as the largest catch can be expected during this period.