What to see in Gibraltar during a pandemic

What to see in Gibraltar during a pandemic

During the pandemic, our expectations and requirements for travel destinations have changed, and the element of COVID has been added to them invariably. We are already monitoring other factors such as the number of people infected with coronavirus and the number of people vaccinated. And in these two columns, sunny Gibraltar seems to stand out with several current cases of COVID-19 and a fully vaccinated population. Restaurants, bars and attractions are open, although indoor masks are mandatory and social distancing requirements must be followed.

Destinations where the weather is always good

Whenever you go, you won't be disappointed. The small British Overseas Territory (6.5 square kilometers) with its warm Mediterranean climate is a good choice for a sunny holiday, writes the Daily Mail. Here's what to bet on if you put it on your list of future trips:

Interesting caves

The limestone mass of the Rock of Gibraltar rises to 426 meters. The Cave of San Miguel, with its stalagmites and stalactites, is a key attraction. In June, they host a sound and light show that will take visitors on a journey through the geological history of the region.


Gibraltar is the only place in Europe where wild monkeys of the Magot species, representatives of the macaque genus, live. You can meet them at the top of the Rock of Gibraltar by taking the elevator or taxi. However, be aware that they are quite brash and are known for their stealth.

Water activities

If you are a fan of water sports, Gibraltar has a lot to offer. You can go boating, canoeing or snorkeling over the reef.


There are several excellent hiking trails, such as the Mediterranean Stairs, which guarantee an exciting one and a half hour hike through the reserve. If this is too difficult for you, you can rent an electric bike.

Tunnels of the Great Siege

Dive into the tunnels of the Great Siege, dug by the British in the late 18th century. They helped repel French and Spanish attacks and were expanded during World War II. There you can also see the Moorish castle built in 1160.

Amazing botanical garden

Relax in Alameda, a small but beautiful botanical garden with plants from all over the world.

Beach entertainment

The best beach is the Catalan Bay with its stone pools and restaurants, as well as the neighboring Sandy Bay, whose sand was transplanted from Western Sahara. Camp Bay is small and rocky, but there are artificial reefs on the coast for snorkeling.