Fairy kingdom of Morocco

Morocco is a small country that is home to delicious tangerines and bright oranges. It is located in northwest Africa. This amazing country with a peculiar culture, unusual traditions and numerous attractions constantly attracts tourists from different countries with its beauty and sophistication.

Morocco never ceases to amaze its guests with magnificent hand-made works of local craftsmen, as well as interesting historical museums, architectural monuments and rich nature.


The administrative and cultural capital of the Kingdom of Morocco is not Marrakesh, as many people think, but Rabat.

This magnificent city is famous for its beautiful ancient sights and all kinds of religious buildings. In addition, the capital has many national galleries and museums.


This famous ancient city is considered the cultural capital of this small country. First of all, Fez attracts tourists with magnificent fountains, beautiful mosques, as well as residential buildings created in the traditional Moroccan style.


The main attraction of Fes are the dye houses, which are a large cooperative, and about 500 families work in it. These people from generation to generation pass on the secrets of leather processing and the creation of beautiful products from this natural material.

Fes Dyers adhere to the natural way of processing and dyeing raw materials, so these products are valued all over the world. All the skins are soaked in pigeon dung and then dyed in different colors with natural dyes such as poppy flowers, saffron or mint. The dyers have a shop where everyone can buy unusual products made of natural leather, such as bags, purses, belts, as well as outerwear and slippers.

Another interesting attraction of Fes are small bakeries that offer bakery products not only for food, but also for further sale in stores. Such bakeries are also approached by local residents who cannot keep an oven in their house. They bring the dough, and then they come for the finished bread.


Perhaps the most unusual attraction in Morocco is the city of Chefchaouen, which has become popular because of its blue color.

All residential buildings, non-residential buildings, as well as gates, flower pots, sidewalks and small architectural objects are painted blue.