Sri Lanka free attractions

What could be better than travel? Of course, the anticipation of the trip and its planning. Especially when it comes to slightly exotic and beautiful places like Ceylon, Sri Lanka.

The area is famous for its beautiful beaches, which are conveniently located on the island. Tourists can change location at least every day. But that's not all. Attractions amaze even the most experienced tourists. Some of which are free. Here is a list of places to visit.

1. Observation deck near Kandy

The observation deck, which offers an incredible view of Kandy, is located on Mount Bahirawa Kanda. In addition to the observation deck, there is a Temple.
Kandy is the religious capital of Sri Lanka. This is a very significant place for all Buddhism. Therefore, a visit is a must for those who travel specifically for religious enlightenment.

If you are not staying in Kandy, then here is approximately how much and how to get there:

• From Negombo by car or bus about 2.5 hours,
• From Colombo by car, train or bus 3 hours.

2. The next attraction is Victoria Park.

Located near the city of Nuwara Eliya. The city used to be considered a very prestigious resort of the British. And all because there are many golf courses here, as well as classic black tea is grown on local plantations.

In the park you can admire the beautiful local nature and Lake Gregory.

But there is also interesting architecture. Houses - mansions built in the colonial style. Today, many of them are hotels and hotels. So you can try to stay in one of them.

3. Observation deck in the city of Nuwara Eliya

Located on Single Tree Hill. The view from here opens on the city of Nuwara Eliya. Great place for amazing photos.

4. Seetha Amman Temple

The temple is located within the city, which we already know - Nuwara Eliya. Before you visit this place, you should familiarize yourself with its history. This is a very important place for the ancient Indian epic Ramayana. There is a whole legend that Sita was held hostage in the temple. Rama saved her by hearing her prayers.

5. Waterfalls

Close to beautiful Nuwara Eliya. There are four waterfalls with different heights.

• St. Claires (height is 80 meters),
• Devon (here the height is 97 meters),
• Aberdeen (highest - 98 meters),
• Lovers Leap (and the smallest -30 meters)

6. Galle - port city

Important tourist attraction. Available in all travel guides. The city is listed by UNESCO. Here you can walk and see the most beautiful landscapes. On the way you will meet museums: the maritime and Dutch period, the Dutch church, Fort XVII and the mosque. And, of course, without an observation deck in any way.

7. Adam's Peak

The list is closed by an equally significant attraction. Adam's Peak is a mountain that can be climbed on foot using a ladder of 5,000 steps. Legend has it that Buddha's footprint was left at the top. To start the ascent, you need to get to the village of Dalhousie. The most vivid impressions are received by tourists who climb the mountain before dawn and meet him there. Therefore, do not be too lazy to get up early, your efforts will be rewarded.

Sri Lanka is a great country for tourism and travel. With a planned schedule, you can visit a lot of interesting places and get an unforgettable experience.