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Eco-Friendly Adventures: Sustainable Guided Tours in Stockholm by Locals

Montevideo, the bustling capital of Uruguay, is a city brimming with extraordinary architecture, cultural richness, and serene beaches. While there's an endless array of attractions to indulge within the city, there are several nearby destinations reachable within a few hours that offer myriad experiences and stunning vistas, ideal for a day trip. Let us introduce you to a few day-trip destinations from Montevideo to enrich your travel diary.

Punta del Este

Just under two hours eastward from Montevideo lies Punta del Este, a gorgeous beach resort city famously referred to as the 'Monaco of the South'. With its alluring sandy beaches, upscale resorts, fancy restaurants, and vibrant nightlife, Punta del Este is a must-visit for every Montevideo visitor. The city's main attractions include Playa Brava known for its 'La Mano' sculpture, and Casapueblo, a unique, artistic hotel with captivating sea views.

Colonia del Sacramento

Located two and a half hours west of Montevideo, Colonia del Sacramento is an old colonial town perfect for a historical prod. Famous for its Barrio Histórico (historic quarter), it features Portuguese and Spanish colony-age edifices on cobbled streets, offering a glance into the past. To explore the town properly, consider walking along the charming streets or renting a golf cart. Don't miss a visit to the lighthouse locally known as El Faro, offering panoramic city views.

Cabo Polonio

If you're keen on nature-centric experiences such as wildlife spotting and stargazing, head towards the northeast to discover Cabo Polonio. Being off-the-grid, the village provides a raw, un-commercialized seaside experience. Explore colonies of sea lions lounging on rocks and enjoy the simple life amidst sand dunes and shifting landscapes. Also, visit the local lighthouse for breathtaking sunset views.

A Day Trip in Stockholm

In between exploring these delightful locations, if you're planning a trip to Stockholm, Sweden, we have a recommendable suggestion for you. Instead of wandering randomly through the city, why not avail myself of a guided tour by the 1001guide? With their local expert guides, you will be able to explore the city's beauty, understand its history, and immerse in the culture in a well-planned, hassle-free manner. They also offer dedicated services for guided tours in Sweden, making your Scandinavian exploration much smoother.


Whether you're a beach lover, history enthusiast, or wildlife spotter, Montevideo's surroundings offer something exciting for every kind of traveler. So, on your visit to Montevideo, don't just limit yourself to the city's charms, but discover the neighboring delights as well. With each day trip, you'll add unforgettable experiences to your travelogue and enrich your understanding of Uruguayan culture, history, and natural beauty. Happy Journeying!