Beaches to visit

Stunning views from the coast have always excited the minds of people, which is why resorts near the seas or oceans are most often chosen for recreation.

Cala en Porter, Menorca

Mallorca and Ibiza are famous for their number of beaches, but even they are inferior to the resort of Cala en Porter. This chamber resort is so popular and amazing for a reason. Many residential buildings and hotels are surrounded by a sandy shore. Due to its clear blue water, one might think that boats walking on the water surface are floating in the air and their shadow falls on the ground.

With the onset of the evening, you can look into the bar Cova D'En Xoroi, located in a cave, on the side of a cliff, watching the sunset with musical  accompaniment.

Despite the fact that the sand here is quite soft, you can rent a sunbed if you wish. If you travel with children, then there is a playground for children and even a lifeguard who will look after safety while adults play volleyball or take a shower.

Honokalani, Maui

Hawaii is a stunning archipelago with many different beaches, but Honokalani Beach on the island of Maui is quite different from them. This is an unusual place, as here travelers will be able to touch the lava with their hands, even if it has cooled down.

A long time ago, lava flows burst out onto the surface of the earth, but then they were cooled by water and over time, it was smoothed out and turned into a bizarre shore, the like of which is very difficult to find. And the view that opens from the top of the island will amaze even the most sophisticated tourists.

The azure water running on the black coast, the waves rolling on the rocks and crashing against them with noise create unforgettable impressions and sensations. The jungle surrounding the beach is part of Waianapana Park, where wooden paths are laid, picnic areas and viewing platforms are equipped, offering the most impressive views to the tourist's gaze. True, you should not swim here, rather strong waves and the lack of lifeguards will make any attempt extremely dangerous.

Cayo Coco Island, Cuba

Cuban flavor and an impressive beach, what else do you need for a good holiday?

Cayo Coco is strewn with beaches and hotels, but despite this, both photographers and lovers of relaxing under the sun while drinking cocktails dream of getting here. Due to the fact that the island is uninhabited, the nature here is almost untouched, which is why it fascinates travelers, who are increasing every year.

While relaxing, you can meet flamingos walking along the beach, look at starfish under clear blue water, and divers are attracted by a coral reef that protects from strong surf.

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