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Located on the picturesque coast of the Red Sea, Hurghada began its journey as a humble fishing village. Today, it stands as a beacon for underwater explorers from around the globe. One might wonder, what transformed this serene town into an international diving hub? The answer lies beneath its azure waters.

The Red Sea, with its high salinity, gifts Hurghada with crystal-clear waters. This clarity unveils a realm teeming with colors, shapes, and movements - a tapestry of marine life like no other. Here, divers don't just witness marine biodiversity; they immerse themselves in it. As Hurghada's shores began to echo with stories of underwater marvels, the city itself molded into a diving sanctuary, honoring the world concealed below its waves.

Taba is a typical small town located in the governorate of South Sinai, the northeastern part of Egypt, and practically lies on the border of Egypt with the state of Israel, on the very coast of the Red Sea.