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Tourism in Norway

In each country, they are constantly striving to develop the tourism business, since only it can make a significant increase in the budget. Tourism in Norway is developing immediately in such directions as:

1. ski resort vacation;
2. healing resort;
3. beach vacation;
4. ecotourism.

Resorts of the country

If you look at the map of the state, you can understand why the coastal part of the state is endless. The country itself is located in the northern part of the continent. In the summer, tourists can feel comfortable, and the main areas of Norway are highly rated. 

Ski resort vacation

Residents of Norway are trying to prove themselves in the winter games. The country's ski resort holidays attract a large number of tourists from around the world every year. Travelers are most attracted by mountain slopes, comfortable living conditions, and the opportunity to act under the guidance of an instructor.

The resort of Lillihammer is considered popular among many tourists. 

Such resorts as Kvifjell, Geilo, Hafjell, Golo, Stolen, Hemsedal, Sletvold, Holmenkollen and so on are also well-known. 

Each player can choose for himself a place of rest, corresponding to the status and opportunity.

Healing resorts

The winter resort of Norway is offered in large numbers. The healing resorts of the cold state are popular in almost the whole wide world. 

Also in the country there are several resort areas that provide the opportunity to enjoy in full. Popular among all resorts is Mudum. 

By visiting it, people can improve their health, especially in case of disorders of the nervous system, as well as in the event of anemia. Springs of mineralized waters are considered to be the main healing properties of resort recreation. 

Humid and salty air attracts attention. On the coast of the Gulf of Bohus there are climatic and balneal mud healing resorts. 

Another popular resort, which is designed for vacationers with metabolic disorders and some respiratory problems, is Hanke.


Beautiful nature, original landscapes over-develop safe tours in Norway.

Also on the territory you can order a tour of the outskirts of the country. Tours take place in Bergefjell Park. Moreover, in the area you can enjoy visiting the ancient zones.