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Where to go with family in Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a coastal city in the South East Queensland region of Australia. It's known as the "Sunshine State" and has an estimated population of over 2 million people, which includes both locals and tourists. The city has so much to offer families as well as individual travelers! Take a look at what Gold Coast has to offer below and what you can visit on a rented car in Australia:

Cultural and historical sights

One of the best things about visiting Gold Coast is that you can experience so many different cultures. There are museums, galleries and exhibitions to see. You can also learn about the local people by walking through their neighborhoods or enjoying food from their countries in restaurants around town.

Here are some of our favorite cultural places:

  • Gold Coast Art Gallery (71 Merrimac Street) offers art exhibitions all year round that highlight Australian artists as well as international ones;
  • The Queensland Museum (140 Southbank Boulevard) showcases everything from dinosaurs to Aboriginal culture;
  • The National Maritime Museum (Barcaldine Drive) has lots of artifacts relating to seafaring history;

Historical sites include:

The Gold Coast History Makers Tour where you'll visit places connected with famous people who lived here over the years such as actor Paul Hogan or singer Daryl Braithwaite!

Sightseeing tours

  • Gold Coast Hinterland Tour
  • Gold Coast Tropical North Tour
  • Gold Coast City Tour

Gold Coast Surfside Tour

Gold Coast Surf & Snorkel Tour *Scenic Drive (from Surfers Paradise to the hinterland) - an hour-long drive through some of the most beautiful scenery on offer in Australia. It's an ideal way to get a feel for what this part of Queensland has to offer without having to spend hours driving yourself around. There are also plenty of stops along the way where you can take photos or just soak up some sunshine! If you're looking for something more adventurous than just sitting in traffic then why not go for one of our awesome tours? Our team members would love nothing more than showing off their favourite parts of Australia while giving you an insight into what makes them so special!

Theme tours

Theme tours are a great way to see the city, learn about its history, culture and nature.

Learn about the Gold Coast's colourful past by taking one of our historical tours. From Aboriginal history to European settlement and beyond, you'll discover how this beautiful region came into being.

Enjoy a cultural experience on one of our many excursions through multiculturalism in action at markets or festivals throughout the year. You can even visit our cities' famous theme parks like Dreamworld or Sea World!

If you're looking for something more natural then why not try an eco-adventure tour? These will take you through some of Australia's most stunning national parks where there's plenty of wildlife around every corner!

Day trips

The Gold Coast is a great place to visit. There are many attractions for family, friends and couples to enjoy together. The area has many great places to stay and there are lots of things to do on your holiday.

It's also worth noting that the weather in this part of Australia is usually warm year-round so you can enjoy your trip whatever time of year you go!

Boat tours

A boat tour is the perfect way to get up close and personal with the Gold Coast's natural beauty. From the shoreline, you can take in views of stunning beaches, rugged cliffs and lush rainforests. But on board a boat you can get even closer to nature--it's almost like being part of it!

Boat tours are available for all ages and skill levels, from beginner paddleboats for kids through to luxury vessels that offer champagne breakfasts and cocktail cruises for adults (and everything in between). Prices vary depending on what kind of experience you want: some tours are free; others cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars per person. Most tours last between 45 minutes and two hours; however some companies offer longer excursions lasting up to eight hours if desired (these tend not be recommended unless specifically requested by passengers).

Nature & adventure

The Gold Coast is home to many national parks and reserves, making it the perfect location for nature lovers. There are numerous places where you can hike, swim and explore. If you're looking for an adventure with the family, then look no further than these five spots!

Culinary & nightlife

Dining options:

The Gold Coast is known for its seafood, so if you're looking for some of the freshest fish and chips in town, look no further than Surfers Paradise. There are also plenty of great restaurants that serve up Asian cuisine as well as European dishes such as pizza and pasta. If your family loves Mexican food, check out La Bamba or Chiquito! And if they're more into sandwiches and burgers, visit one of the many cafes along busy Main Street.

Nightlife options:

After dinner at one of these amazing restaurants on Surfers Paradise Beachfront (or anywhere else), head over to Cavill Avenue for drinks on the beach with live music at bars like Bar Marlin or QT Hotel's Surfers Bar & Grill. Or take a stroll through nearby Broadbeach where there are plenty more places to enjoy an evening drink before heading home after dark--from sports clubs like Australian Rugby League Clubhouse & Function Centre all the way down through Pacific Fair Shopping Centre's Entertainment District until you reach Royal Pines Resort where there is always something happening under its famous stars.

There's something for everyone in Gold Coast

There's something for everyone in Gold Coast. The beaches are perfect for families, with plenty of space to run around and enjoy the sun. If you've got kids who love theme parks, there are several options including Movie World and Dreamworld that offer rides suitable for all ages.

If you want to do some shopping or visit galleries, there are plenty of options too - Southport is known as Queensland's arts capital so it's a great place to visit if this is what interests your family most! Another option is Broadbeach Shopping Centre which has over 200 stores including some big brands like H&M and Myer department store plus restaurants such as Nando's Chicken Peri-Peri which serves delicious food at reasonable prices (and they deliver!). If these don't take your fancy then check out Gold Coast Hinterland Tour packages where guides show visitors around the beautiful scenery while stopping off at different points along the way - these tours can include lunch or dinner depending on which one suits your needs best!

We hope this list of ideas has inspired you to plan some adventures with your family. The Gold Coast offers so much for everyone, from culture and history to adventure and nature. Whether you want to explore by boat or on foot, there are plenty of options available!