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Greece is a country where the spirit of ancient culture still reigns, where many tourists from all over the world seek to get. Many attractions are located in this seemingly small country.

Kos is known as the birthplace of Hippocrates and one of the most fertile islands in Greece. Together with Halicarnassus, which is now called Bodrum, Kos was an outpost on the way to the holy lands during the time of the Crusades. Local residents work in the tourism sector, agriculture or fishing.

After driving from Famagusta for about five minutes, our driver stopped and made it clear with gestures that he was turning left, and we were going straight ahead. Here we saw a sign to the right to Salamis, and above the bushes in the distance the tops of white columns were already towering.

In the southeastern part of Europe there is a state that every tourist knows is Greece. The country has absolutely everything for a comfortable stay, exciting excursions and walks. Greece is a multilateral state, leading an original, but at the same time harmoniously combined with modern foundations, way of life.