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Tourism in the Alps

Mountain tourism is gaining more and more popularity every year. The most popular place visited by lovers of mountain and ski tourism is the Alps. The Alps are a whole system of mountains in Europe. The most popular countries visited by tourists are Austria and Switzerland.

Tourism in the Alps remains relevant all year round. For example, at a low altitude of up to about 500 m, hiking is common, over 500 m - skiing, and above 2000 m. - mountaineering. Tourists are waiting for cable cars, difficult hiking trails, steep slopes - all this will certainly interest lovers of outdoor activities, extreme sports and risk.

Tourist routes through the Alps will also interest lovers and connoisseurs of wildlife. Traditionally, hiking and walks through the mountains are made in summer. During such a hiking trip through the mountains, you can see picturesque alpine lakes, stunning mountain landscapes.

Winter tourism in the mountains is especially fascinating. Switzerland is actively developing both summer and winter mountain tourism. Swiss mountain resorts are equipped with modern cable lifts, which makes it easier to climb the mountain. The only thing that darkens the overall picture of impressions from Swiss ski resorts and mountain tourism is the influence of environmental factors on the state of the mountains. 

For example, if earlier at low altitudes there was already enough snow for sports, now it is necessary to control the snow level artificially with the help of snow generators.

Tourism in the mountains of Switzerland is not only fascinating, but also educational. For example, while traveling, you can observe some of the sights of the mountains. One very amazing attraction is the highest railway station. The station is located at an altitude of approximately 3450 m above sea level. Also in the mountains you can observe the longest glacier in all of Europe. Its length is about 20 km. An exciting spectacle.

During summer tourism in the Alps, you can observe the magnificent and picturesque nature of the mountains. What is the most diverse vegetation and flowers worth, which by some miracle adapt to the harsh living conditions. At a sufficiently high altitude, you can see the stunning beauty of alpine meadows. The whole earth, covered with the most diverse, bright, multi-colored flowers and the greenest grass. 

What could be more beautiful? Most plants perfectly adapt to harsh climatic conditions, and this is reflected in their appearance. Many of them have tough, strong, prickly stems and leaves.

Despite the harsh natural conditions, steep cliffs and stones in the mountains have a very rich fauna. Many birds and animals find their home in the mountains. And tourists can observe some of the views. In the summer, tourists have the opportunity to notice a very cute animal, the marmot. Another problem for the mountains is hunters, who uncontrollably reduce the number of animals, and this does not pass without a trace and also affects the state of the entire nature of the mountains.