What does Rosa Khutor attract with?

What does Rosa Khutor attract with?

The Adler region of Greater Sochi, "Roza Khutor", is like Alpine Switzerland. 

It is surrounded by wooded mountain slopes, with a river in the middle of the valley, with stylish houses. 

Beside elegant buildings and cool hotels in Rosa Dolina, this resort has something to surprise the public. 

It is the Rose Square, with the Town Hall and the clock tower, where seasonal fairs, festive and cultural events are usually held.

You can visit the Museum of Archeology. During the surveys before the start of the construction of the Olympic facilities, finds were discovered, and they later became exhibits of the interactive museum. 

Within walking distance from it there is an outfitting center "Kant" with the Museum of Alpine Skiing. Legendary models and personal belongings of famous Soviet athletes, but also get an idea of ​​the original technologies used to create skis and equipment.

Those who prefer active rest will climb the funicular to Rosa Peak (2320 m) and admire the river valley, the Olympic village, created on a plateau (1170 m) on the eve of the 2014 Winter Olympics and the picturesque ridge Aibga, known for its park "Mendelikha" with 7 waterfalls on the slope on the south side.

The most exciting in it are the Mishkin grotto with a cascade of 6 m, Aya at 14 m - a waterfall named after the wife of a paramedic, who remained here after the Caucasian war as the village headman, 

Snow channel at 5 m and Golden - especially impressive 77 -meter waterfall.

Look at the Stone Pillar at the highest point of Krasnaya Polyana.

Rosa Khutor will offer those who love to tickle their nerves an exciting "Flight of the Eagle", entertainment in "Rose Wake Park" or "Yeti Park". 

And if you want to screech on bends after accelerating to 40 km / h, welcome to the Rodelbahn slides in the Olympic Village. 

Even steeper - a swing above the clouds, at the edge of the gorge at Rosa Peak, or overcoming one of the suspension bridges over an abyss. Now there are 3 of them (32, 72 and 115 m).

Lovers of bronze tanning in the mountains can settle down by the lake on "Rosa Beach".

Children will be greatly delighted by communication in the nursery with Siberian Husks and Malamutes from Alaska, with deer on the farm and with animals in the Paws zoo, which can be hand-fed.

There is also "Shishkin-Dvor".  On the ethno-farm, a manor with living creatures, typical for settlers of the 19th century, with their way of life and order has been created. 

The atmosphere of this place is special. You don't want to rush here, walking along the embankment, not forgetting about the photo for memory, listening to the sound of the water, absorbing the colors of a living picture painted with the brush of Nature.

Emotions overwhelm. Probably, the one who visited Rosa Khutor for the first time will experience enthusiastic feelings mixed with some inexplicable joy and an indispensable desire to return there.

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