Berlin. Impressions of food. Review

Berlin. Impressions of food. Review

Street food in Germany is extremely popular, and you shouldn't be afraid of it at all, you will not be poisoned here, it is completely out of the question.
The first thing a tourist who first came to Germany is recommended to start with is tasting the famous sausages.

Before the trip, we decided upon arrival in Berlin to try the national sausage and German beer. We found the sausage diner pretty quickly. After all, she was right next to the Reichstag.

This is the same diner, it is called "Wurst" (sausage or sausage in translation from German).

It should be noted that the prices turned out to be quite democratic - sausage (cut) with ketchup and a bun - 3.30 euros, fries - 2.50 euros per serving and a chilled 0.5 liter bottle of German Pilsner Berline beer (glass). You simply won't find cheaper in Berlin.

diner menu. It's simple - with chalk on a blackboard. True, everything is written in German, I will try to translate something for ease of perception.

So, we took:
- bratwurst im brötchen - fried sausage in bread;
- pommes frites mit ketchup a Mayo - fries with ketchup and mayonnaise;
- Bln. Pilsner / Radler - beer of the corresponding brands of 0.5 l.

Our lunch.

However, even this price of street food for us was not quite uplifting with our new exchange rate, unfortunately. Let me tell you a little secret: the exact same bottle of beer in any supermarket, for example Lidl, costs several times (!) Cheaper. True, there is no guarantee that it will be chilled there.

The sausages tasted quite appetizing, it's a pity that with our budget, we couldn't afford more, otherwise I would have eaten more than one portion ...

next to the diner, there are wooden tables and benches for food, which is very convenient - you do not need to stand or chew on the go.

So, we satisfied our hunger in such a pleasant way for us. The food turned out to be just wonderful, or maybe we were just very hungry.

How wonderful it is to drink chilled German beer!

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