Holidays in Thailand

From year to year, tourists are not left indifferent to rest in the South-Eastern region.
has established itself as one of the most popular travel destinations, so what follows is a detailed breakdown of popular vacation provinces.


This is the longest island in Thailand, washed by the Andaman Sea.
Tourists love it for its white sand and warm sea, as well as entertainment for every taste and age.

You should stop your choice of beach on the northwestern, southwestern, southern coasts, as there are no winds, strong tides and low tides.
A variety of sightseeing tours are held daily around the island, allowing you to plunge into the history and culture of the locals.


The island is located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand.

Rest in Pattaya provides an opportunity to visit crocodile and elephant farms. Such entertainment, of course, will appeal to both children and adults.
No less impressive will be the majestic image of the Buddha, made of pure gold.


An amazing place is the capital of Thailand. It is also called the “Venice of the East” for the opportunity to move around the city by boat.
The festive atmosphere here is supported by a huge number of bars, clubs and discos, which will definitely please young people.

For those who are interested in Buddhism, there is an excellent opportunity to visit any of the 400 temples.
You can buy souvenirs at the notorious floating markets, which also work at night.

Koh Samui

Koh Samui is the second longest island after Phuket. The main difference of the island is the calm sea. There are no big waves.
Another feature is that hotels and bungalows are located very close to the sea. Round-the-clock views of the picturesque coastline will please everyone.

The most common souvenirs on the island are pearls and coconut oil. The production of the second takes place right on the island.

Therefore, it will not be difficult to provide gifts for yourself and loved ones.

Holidays in Thailand leave a lot of emotions and impressions. Everything on the islands causes admiration: prices, service, hospitality of local residents, hotels, tropical fruits and Asian cuisine, massage, leisure activities, exotic nature and wildlife, exciting shopping, transport.Even a trip by tuk-tuk can bring joy and pleasant feelings.

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