Ventimiglia - a border town in Italy

Ventimiglia - a border town in Italy

It is a port city on the Ligurian coast of Italy. There is a customs office in Ventimiglia. Ventimiglia is a very small provincial town. If you are staying on the French Riviera, you can get to it by train operator SNCF. If you are coming from Italy, use the railways operated by Trenitalia. Of course, there is also an old town, which is more like a slum due to the poor quarters. 

The old town and the observation deck are located away from the city center across the Roya River, which flows into the Ligurian Sea. Walking through the old city, we will see the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary of the twelfth century. Near the cathedral, an octagonal building deserves attention - the Baptistery, named after John the Baptist. On Colletta Square, in the old town, stands the tenth century Church of the Archangel Michael. In Ventimiglia, as in almost all medieval cities in Europe, Roman ruins are located in the Albintimilium Archaeological Complex.

In such a resort town, you cannot do without the Botanical Garden of 1860, named after its founder, Thomas Genbury. Its length is 18 hectares. The beautiful sunny wide promenade of the Ligurian Sea with colorful bright boats, standing on the pebble shore, beckons to walk along it. On one side of the embankment is the sea, on the other there are seven-storey residential buildings with many balconies.

Residential buildings are located chaotically. Houses run up against mountains. For shoppers, there is a clothing market that is open on Mondays. The main thing is to catch the siesta. The siesta starts at twelve and ends at fifteen in the afternoon. Before you have time to look around, there will be no one.

As if there was no market. Well, if you did not have time to buy a bag, jacket, shoes, there are small shops and outlets located on the ground floors of residential buildings. There are a lot of restaurants on the embankment. But it is cheaper to eat in "family" cafes located in residential areas. Turning off the embankment and going deeper into the city, you will find such. It is very tasty, quickly served, there are almost no people, a pleasant home environment. Many French people travel to Ventimiglia on weekends to buy food, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, clothes. The prices are much lower here. On the main street there is a church painted in gray and white stripes.

And on the side of it, there is a souvenir shop. A large selection of Venetian masks, there are also Murano glass products. You can't get lost in Ventimiglia. You go either to the sea or to the train station. At the station, there are ticket offices of French and Italian operators; you can also buy a ticket through the machine. Ventimiglia is located 50 minutes from Nice by train, from Ventimiglia to San Remo, the journey takes 10 minutes by train.