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What to see in Rome in 2 days

Start your stay in Rome with a visit to the museums and basilicas of the Vatican. Here are some useful tips that will definitely come in handy:

1) Since the Vatican attracts millions of believers and tourists every year, get ready for the fact that you may have to stand in line for more than one hour;

2) Be sure to visit St. Peter's Cathedral, but don't forget to come in closed clothes. There are strict rules here and visitors in vulgar open clothes are not allowed to enter, so pay attention to this;

3) The Basilica opens for tourists at 8 am, so try to get there early so you can queue up. You can, as an option, pay for a tour of the Vatican Museums, then you, along with a group of other tourists, will be taken out of turn.

Decide for yourself what you want: to crowd in a crowded cathedral with other tourists and listen to a concise and concise story of a guide who is already in a hurry to the next place, or to explore everything on your own at a measured pace.

What is interesting about St. Peter's Cathedral?

First, it is the largest Christian church in the entire world. The capacity of the cathedral is over 60 thousand people. The beginning of the founding of the cathedral is considered to be 1626, which means that the cathedral is almost 400 years old.

Secondly, the architects and painters who worked on the creation and painting of the cathedral were Raphael, Michelangelo, as well as Bernini and Bramante.

Thirdly, tourists have the opportunity to climb to the top of the dome, from where a “good” view opens. Yes, the view is simply gorgeous: the whole of Rome, St. Peter's Square is at your fingertips. The review is 360 degrees.

While in the Vatican, it is a sin not to visit the Sistine Chapel, where you can see a gallery of legendary frescoes, recently restored.

On via della Conciliazione there are various stalls and shops that sell a variety of souvenirs and gifts. Finding this street is very easy: if you stand with your back to St. Peter's, then you are exactly on this street.

If you go straight along this street, you will soon find yourself at another point on your route. Before you is the Castel Sant'Angelo, which used to be the residence of the popes. The history of this castle, which now functions as a museum, has almost 2 thousand years.

Considering that there are always a lot of tourists in Rome, and there really is something to see, we can say that the first day in Rome has already ended. In order to make the most of this day, decide in advance what exactly you want to visit and find out more about these sights. Buy a map guide.

So, now the second day.


For the next day, focus on Rome itself. Here is a list of places you should definitely visit:

1) Colosseum - a colossal amphitheater of Ancient Rome;

2) Piazza Venezia;

3) Capitol.

These are the main points of your route, the sights that you cannot miss. If, of course, you have free time or you decide to stay in Rome for one more day, then see the ancient sights in the district of Rome.

Start your second day with a tour of the Colosseum, which has been a kind of symbol of ancient Rome for two thousand years. Not far from the ancient amphitheater there is the Arch of Constantine, made of marble. After you have admired the majestic ruins of the historical part of the city, you can move on.

In the center of Rome there is the famous Piazza Venezia, which in ancient times played an important role in the social and commercial life of the city.

The last point of the route is the small Capitol Hill. 

Why should you pay attention to this part of the city? 

1) In fact, ancient Rome was born here. On seven hills, one of them was the Capitol, and a city was founded, the history of which already has more than two thousand years.

2) Be sure to visit the famous Capitoline Museums, which were designed and reconstructed by Michelangelo himself.

3) These museums contain priceless monuments of the history and culture of Ancient Rome.

Here is one of the possible routes to visit a lot of places in two days in Rome and get unforgettable impressions for years to come. To enjoy your vacation, be flexible and modest in your expectations. If you didn't manage to get into one museum or one building, don't be discouraged and go to the next one. This will help you save time and effort to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.